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Philip Watson

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Philip Watson

I was born in Mexico City to an Australian father & a Mexican mother. I grew up wanting to be an astronaut, but changed my mind when I started playing piano, guitar & bass around age 12. At 16, my band La Catrina got signed by Warner Music & I spent the next 15 years living & breathing the music business. I attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music & then worked as a jingle writer, session & touring musician, record producer & singer-songwriter.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve also been on a journey of self-discovery and awakening. It began, as they so often do, with an existential crisis which resulted in an interest in yoga & meditation. This led me to the study & practice of zen buddhism, voice dialogue, dzogchen, shamanism & adult development (particularly the work of Robert Kegan & Susanne Cook-Greuter) as well as to Ken Wilber’s integral theory. All of this resulted in my becoming a close student and translator for integral teacher Terry Patten.

Soon after meeting Liz, we embarked on the latest (& deepest) chapter of this adventure, training intensively together in the powerful relational meditation practice known as Circling.

These days, I facilitate Circling, both in person and online, and offer Circling & integrative coaching sessions for individuals, couples & groups. Liz and I also have a baby son, Alexander, who is the most beautiful part of our world now.

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