Sean Wilkinson

Co-Founder of Circling Europe, Facilitator

About Sean

Sean is one of Circling Europe’s founders, he has had an enduring passion for self awareness, human potential, wisdom traditions and an ongoing enquiry into life. This has included extensive academic research, spiritual and psychological practice, coaching and therapeutic training and a determination to apply what he is learning into everyday experience.

He had a successful background in elite sports coaching and developing a practice utilising his integral coaching and therapeutic training. He is also an award winning published Integral theory Scholar and has published writing on Integral group leadership and consciousness.

In less than 5 years, he has been part of spear heading Circling to 20 countries and has helped to define the paradigm-shifing nature of what Circling is. As the organisation grows, Sean maintains his passion to research and development of Circling’s principles, in both delivering the trainings, and importantly in developing the culture of the business itself.


International Circling Festival Scholar 2018

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International Circling Festival 2018, Camping

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20 - 17September - March

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09 - 17August - February

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