Stéphane Segatori

Circling Festival Contributor

Stéphane Segatori

Stéphane loves flow-states, group synergy and deciphering sci-fi for surprising insights.

He lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands where also co-leads Thursday’s Circling Nights since 2 years.

As an entrepreneur, he’s talented in the fields of Business Intelligence (since 2005), Culture change and Human potential. He loves to bring integral ideas into a practical application, like we-space for business, or matching a precise approach to unique requirements, mostly as a certified MBTI® Coach.

He has received lay ordination in the Integrating Zen tradition in 2015 with Jun Po roshi and has extensively studied the Mahamudra & Dzogchen paths with western teachers.

He’s passionate about unitive consciousness and its smooth emergence & integration into our cultures, standing in love for a bright future for all of us.

His main practices are We-Flow (practical collective state), Gifting Mind, Circling (3-schools), Surrendered Leadership, and Mondo-Zen.

Speaker of Events