Perspectives on SAS Training

by Sean Wilkinson Because it is getting closer to new SAS journeys starting – in Amsterdam and London, I want to share with you some perspectives that will be important for some of you right now. Our Innovative training is not for everyone! Our leadership and unique practice environment is really for specific people. For starters, it is definitely for …

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Video: SAS as a Hero’s Journey

Sean Wilkinson discusses the 6 month transformational crucible of SAS—a Circling and Surrendered Leadership training—through the lens of the hero’s journey. Find more SAS info here.

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Encountering the Stranger

by Sean Wilkinson The Furnace On the last day of the festival this year we created ‘The Furnace’. It was a workshop based on an ancient Mesopotamian ritual where the leaders are taken from the city and asked to answer for where they did not live up to their ideals. Inspired by this notion, John, Jordan and I sat in the …