Surrendered Leadership

The form of leadership that we are pioneering has a subtly different taste to what people are used to. As leaders we’re responsible for setting the context and then we’re also a part of that very same context ourselves. We’re willing to reveal ourselves at all times. We’re willing to not know what is going to emerge and to surrender to the greater forces at play between us and beyond us. There’s no hiding behind a role or a pre-determined plan and the way we become part of the collective process is a refreshing and challenging perspective shift.

It’s in an invitation into a form of co-created space where everyone is invited and challenged to step into their highest response-abilities and leadership, and it’s a place where people are totally free and trusted at a fundamental level (including distrust). It fosters an agile collective intelligence that absorbs the key knowledge and discernment from the group and that at best acts in perfect balance with what comes up and what is needed. The surrender is into the truth of what is present between us and our willingness to connect and be open with each other. It’s a leadership that weaves together the multiple perspectives that are arising and draws out the truth and beauty at the heart of each expression. It supports connection in the places we usually disconnect and penetrates beneath the surface level in to what really matters in us and between us. It involves a radical letting go and trust that calls forth our inspiration and creativity and opens us to the mystery and natural flow of what ‘wants’ to happen between us.

It’s a leadership that invites us into the immediacy of the moment, that doesn’t brush over anything and is essentially welcoming and discerning of everything that comes in the space. It becomes a crucible of response-ability, with often immediate and continuous feedback loops to enable sensitivity, rich learning and group creativity. It’s a release into and stand for the group intelligence and the creation of a palpable and heightened collective field, an abundant space of emergence. The skill in this leadership stems from an embodied trust in what arises between us and the ability to meet and integrate all the inputs within the field. At best it becomes a symphony with everyone having their own individual role and being perfectly in synch with each other and the whole.

The common conception and practice of ‘teachers’ does not resonate with us. We feel that often already built into this dynamic is a false form of perception that limits the potential agency of participants and the full revealing of the reality of the ‘teacher’. Of course there’s nothing wrong with someone ‘teaching’ things and we as leaders come into the space with a specific context and introduce all kinds of ideas and distinctions. However, there’s a way this can be done very much by the sides of everyone else where the leader is just a key piece of the puzzle of the group intelligence that emerges itself through this approach.

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