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A Practice That Is Sweeping The World

Circling quenches a thirst of our contemporary longings and also lights a fire within. We’ve spread to over 20 countries in just 4 years, trained hundreds of leaders and the interest and participation in Circling continues to grow rapidly.

Circling is also an invitation into a dedicated international practice community focused on long term sustainable individual development and co-creative potential committed to service in the world in diversified and unified ways.


The Higher Reaches Of Human Potential

Our work is very much supported by the latest research on human development. In particular the research centered around helping people grow into higher structures of awareness. This is what Harvard Professor Robert Kegan describes as 5th Order Consciousness. This is named as the Self-Transforming mind, because the self-identity is in constant transformation and is co-created by a vast network of relationships in any given moment. At this stage of consciousness there is a suspiciousness around the distinctness of self and other. This sense of autonomy can be picked up or put down but we see that in many ways, the Self does not precede the moment; it is being continuously recreated in the present and it’s identity can extend beyond the self.

It is plugged into immediacy and continually discovered in relational flux where self and other “interpenetrate” each other. Comfortable with polarities, open to contradiction and unresolvable tensions, a person who can live in this way can bring a kind welcoming embrace into the flow of experience and a natural attunement to the full spectrum of humanity.

This makes the intelligence sourced from a larger relational context with greater informational flow which leads to numerous benefits.

  • A dynamic responsiveness.
  • A maturity to regulate and metabolise high experiential intensity and uncertainty.
  • Fluid boundaries.
  • Deeper attunement to others, group dynamics and collective potentials.
  • Larger trust and ability to utilise conflict.
  • Spontaneous attunement and creativity.
  • Increased capacity to be with discomfort allows for more perspectives to be taken, expansion of the scope of your attention, more energetic flexibility, greater ability to connect and to feel resonance with others, a deeper owning of your shadows. What was once, ignored and dissociated from within you can be participated with more skilfully.
  • Surrender into the underlying dialectics of experience.

The Integral Move

It’s only in recent years that we’ve had full and easy access to all the world’s knowledge and wisdom.

Ken Wilber through a superhuman feat created a comprehensive map that does an amazing job at integrating a great amount of this wisdom. Having ‘Phd level’ knowledge in over 20 disciplines he was able to connect the cross-paradigmatic knowledge dots in breakthrough new ways. From Buddhism, to particle Physics, to all the schools of psychology, to systems theory, to anthropology, to neuroscience, to eastern and western philosophy, Ken developed a profound interweaving of these knowledges to create likely the most comprehensive map of reality (and how humans can grow and develop) thus far created in Human history. This map has gone on to be developed and applied by a global network of highly skilled and established academics, business leaders, leadership development specialist, spiritual teachers, psychotherapists, just to name a few.

Circling is an integral practice that is supported by this wisdom.



When multiple connections are being made conscious at the same time, we start to become aware of our interconnectivity.

Circling is based on harnessing the potential of human to human connection; thus, a deep attention on what is really happening when two people come together. However, this awareness goes to the next level when the extra complexity and intensity of simultaneous connections are all being utilised to reveal the depths of the individual and the group dynamics.

The truth is, like with connection, we are always interconnected with everything. However, it is when we know how to bring this into awareness that transformation is possible.

By becoming aware we start to understand how to learn and be guided by the subtle but powerful force and intelligence of the interconnectivity that binds us. This force especially thrives and intensifies when we can trust each other’s authenticity, but also when we surrender to being a part of a greater whole. The ability to surrender to this greater awareness is what we called Surrendered Leadership.


The Trust Paradigm

We believe Circling is part of a new paradigm in human development. This is a paradigm in alignment with the most pioneering technology, global culture and business.

Simply put, this way of being allows us to switch from trying to manage and control our experiences to radically trusting the underlying processes in life.

This ability to more directly relate with life—and each other—goes beyond producing more. It transforms who we are. This means when you begin to practice Circling it is likely a new way of being is revealed to you that previously was not visible. A way of being that radically trusts what happens in yourself and others, even in moments of deep uncertainty.

Intellectual understanding of ourselves and others becomes secondary to meeting each other in the immediate richness of relationship. This cuts through the separation created in social roles and differences in knowledge/experience to enable true interconnectivity between people.

This paradoxically helps our intellectual understanding to broaden and deepen in everyday experience. From this perspective every relationship is a chance for deep meeting, human vulnerability and magic. Also, relationships evolve from making the best of what can often be very complicated and difficult, to our human vulnerability being the vehicle for a truer aliveness and wisdom.


A practice of Surrender

At the heart, Circling is a practice of surrender.

We practice relinquishment of the often unexamined compulsion to control, while paradoxically increasing our functional capacities for control. We relax through our secondary needs and surrender into our deeper truths. We continuously discover deeper and wider distinctions that allow for deeper surrender.

This does not mean blind acceptance of everything; it is an active surrender, a willingness to align to our highest knowing. Using of our free will to surrender to our destiny!


Hidden Innocence

We believe in the reality of innocence—the innocent nature of us being alive and vulnerable as human beings.

It can be incredibly well hidden but we’re yet to see it not exist underneath the layers of conditioning, armour and defences of anyone. In fact we’re yet to see it not exist within the conditioning, armour and defences itself.

For us this ability to see the innocence in ourselves and each other is one of the simplest and highest pleasures in life. It’s a nutrient at the heart of Circling.


What you feel deeply matters.

What you are really feeling is often also vulnerable, messy, misdirected and easy to get missed or judged.

We help people build self trust, to discern what’s happening within. Like alchemists we aim to reveal the gold hiding in plain sight as lead.

We help you to touch the most important parts of yourself—often previously unseen parts, yet afterwards you can feel ‘more you’, enlivened and aligned.


Hurts more, bothers you less.

As we grow we open more to our own pain and the pain of others. Our capacity to be with this pain and to hold ourselves and each other increases.

This leads to more empowered and compassionate action both towards ourselves and others.

The slightly paradoxical part of this is that as we grow we do typically open to feel more pain, but because the meaning we put to it changes and also our capacities to hold grow, we can often experience ‘hurts more, bothers you less’.


Awakened spaces

Time slows,
everything becomes more vivid and vibrant,
boundaries dissolve, your feelings expand, you feel everything,
you’re no longer just behind your eyes,
you see light,
you see yourself in the other,
you know the truth of interconnectivity,
your identity expands,
archetypes show up,
synchronicity reveals itself,
the perfection envelops you,
everything flows,
you feel love,
spaciousness opens,
life force washes through the space,
it’s all energy underneath,
you let go and surrender,
the veils are lifted,
the transpersonal was here all along,
kundalini rises,
the electricity of life within you vibrates and connects with the electricity in others around you,
eden, buddha consciousness, god waking up to himself,
perception cleansed,
the cosmic joke,
the mystical sea,
the drop and the ocean.


Love at the centre

Love is the space for what is, it’s the glue of reality, it’s the knowing of connection, it’s life thriving, it’s the only thing that matters and it has infinite guises: It’s already here and beyond us, guiding us, nurturing us, watching us. It’s inside us, it’s our consciousness, it’s that which allows us to be, it holds our every step, thought and fear.

Circling is about loving and being love. It’s about becoming conscious to the presence of Love. It’s about seeing that we are love. It’s about training to be more skilful as vessels of love. It’s about including all the parts that have been unloved.

All we care about is Love. A love that goes beyond and includes romantic love. A love that transcends, a love that flows beyond us and between us. A love that is life itself, a lovelife that breathes love life into itself.


The End of Spirituality!

An all-too-common shadow of spiritual communities is how much they can separate from non-spiritual realities.

We believe that spirituality that is any way separate from the ‘rest’ of the world is an incomplete spirituality. True spirituality loses any need for spirituality; reverence is just here; sacredness is all inclusive.

Everything we practice in Circling is intended to integrate and enhance the everyday challenges and joys of being human: parenting, friendship, falling in love, earning money, learning, celebrating, dealing with injustice, death, betrayal and heartbreak, navigating politics, and even finding peace in traffic.

In this sense, Circling is both deeply spiritual and entirely non-spiritual. We honour the depths of the lineages of all spiritual and wisdom traditions. In this way Circling stands on the shoulders of giants.


The Cutting Edge

Tapping into evolutionary currents of intelligence the Circling community is a field of wisdom and whirlwind of transformation. It’s emergent and rapidly integrating wisdom from other fields of knowledge into a transformation through intimacy model. It is part of a wider inspiration of energy in the world that is taking us deeper into our beings and more intimate in our connection with others and making our interconnectivity beautifully visible.

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