21st century communication
& self transformation

A path of immediate self awareness, breakthrough potential in relationship & a deeper relaxation and thriving in groups.

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  • Deep Connectedness

    Circling raises the bar of what is possible in connection, especially where it most matters. It also shines light on your relational-blind spots while guiding you to new potentials in being with others.

  • Evolving Consciousness

    Develop a consciousness that recognises its interconnectivity and is stable in the flux of uncertainty. A consciousness that recognises immense complexity but remains in immediacy. A self that dances with polarities and embraces paradox.

  • A Natural Authenticity

    Become more comfortable in vulnerability and more inspiring and real to others. Reveal deeper layers of your own authenticity and feel more at ease in yourself and aligned in your life.

  • Surrendering To Your Highest Potentials

    Circling goes beyond a band-aid solution. It gets to the heart: your deepest longings, struggles and opportunities can come into laser focus. It touches the things that matter most to you and offers keys of how this can unfold in your life in the most meaningful ways to you.

How to Get Involved

Through simple practices you’ll delve into the heart of your being & how you relate to others.

The Leading Edge

Benefits of Circling

  • “Excellent and terrific work…
    highly needed in these times.”

    Ken Wilber, The world’s most widely
    translated philosopher
    ken wilber

  • “I could attempt to describe “how” these guys do this, however, all attempts could never explain the miracles they pull off. All I can say is if you spend any time with them, you’ll come out of that relational event living in an entirely different world. These guys simply LIVE the EMBODIMENT of what you’re about to experience!”

    Guy Sengstock, Co-Founder of Circling,
    The Circling Institute
    and Pioneering Philosopher
    ken wilber

  • “Circling Europe are in many ways standing head and shoulders above the rest of the circling community. If you want advanced training, they are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen.”

    Rob McNamara, Teaching Fellow Harvard Graduate School of Education, President Performance Integral, inc., Founding Partner DELTA Developmental, LLC
    ken wilber

  • “The Circling Europe team are doing truly pioneering work in leadership development, skilfully working with conflict, and getting to the heart of intimacy. It is wonderful to lead with them—I haven’t found anything this deep outside of psychodrama in all my decades of teaching. I give it my highest recommendation.”

    Eduardo Verdu, President of the Nordic Board of Examiners, Co-President of The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations, Vice-Chairman of the
    Psychodrama Association for Europe
    ken wilber

  • “I not only endorse the work Sean and John are pioneering in Circling, I highly recommend experiencing a weekend with these guys, sooner the better.”

    Decker Cunov, Co-Founder of Circling, Authentic World and President of the Integral Center
    ken wilber

Understanding Circling

Circling is a practice based on developing a meditative awareness and authenticity in connection.

Meditation is a practice that can take decades to master and being real and being able to receive others can be extremely difficult under the challenges of relationship power dynamics, self esteem issues and emotional illiteracy.

Circling through developed principles and simple practices guides us into how to develop deep and steady attention while building the capacity to more powerfully and vulnerably be authentic in giving to and receiving others.

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